Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween pumpkin carving

1 - Choose your perfect pumpkin! Make sure there are no soft spots or mold.

2 - Cut the top of the pumpkin large enough for your hands to reach

3 - scoop all the insides of the pumpkin, so it's really clean.

4 - Start the likes! Be careful to remove and then pour into sharp corners. Use a sawing motion from top to bottom with a gentle pressure as you carve. Be careful not to slip and cut with a sharp knife to carve pumpkins.

5 - Wash the pumpkin so it really clean. Consider adding a little bleach to help prevent mold growth.

6 - Dry the pumpkin and place the lamp in it for all to see the wonderful Jack or lantern design.

Note that you can record all types of squash ... must not only face patterns can also carve Halloween item number and character to be perfect for Halloween decorating. Try carving a cat or a witch or even a Halloween haunted house will turn into an orderly pattern that can be carved Halloween pumpkin. 

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